Koi pond, Island of Kauai, Hawaii (Russ Bishop/Russ Bishop Photography)

There’s something fascinating about visual movement that stirs our souls. I’m not talking about the exhilaration of cycling or skiing down a mountain, but the more subtle visual connections we make while witnessing a dance performed on a stage, watching clouds race across a desert sky, or simply viewing a photograph of a silky waterfall frozen in time.

As photographers, we have the privilege of stopping time or even slowing it down just long enough to give our viewers a glimpse of a world that can never be seen with our own eyes. We can illustrate a repetitive process over time such as a series of waves washing on shore, or create an abstract vision of color and form that has no resemblance to the natural world.

At these moments, there’s a bond that occurs between subject and viewer that’s hard to put into words. Perhaps it’s our secret desire to slow the inevitable march of time or just a sense of voyeurism at seeing something beautiful that we know we shouldn’t be able to. I like to think of it as the emotion of motion.

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  1. Thanks Richard!

  2. Fascinating abstract with the joi, Russ. I love this.

  3. Thanks Anneya. Actually this image reminds me of a painting you might do!

  4. Wow, that’s just amazing, Russ- I think you already know how I feel about this subject! Wouldn’t want to even attempt to do this with a paintbrush, though!

  5. Thanks for the comment Patcha. I agree, koi are fascinating to watch and a great subject to shoot.

  6. absolutely mesmerizing ~ makes me want to watch them for hours.

  7. Thanks Jeanie! It was so nice to see everyone this past weekend.

  8. Your photography is stunningly beautiful–it soothes my soul.

  9. Thanks Rick!

  10. Beautiful!

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